Dr. Timothy Lynch, PsyD.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lynch is a licensed clinical psychologist with twenty years of experience. Currently, he serves as a staff member for Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton at the Marine Corps base in Oceanside, California. For the past twelve years, Dr. Lynch has proven his experience in using evidence-based psychological treatments such as EMDR, Alpha Stim, CBT, and EEG neurofeedback to treat combat related post-traumatic stress among active duty Sailors and Marines.

Dr. Lynch is a former active duty Army Officer attached to the US Army’s 7th Division Infantry (Light) and served as a veteran for “Operation Just Cause” during combat operations in the Republic of Panama (Dec.1989). As a veteran and clinical psychologist, Dr. Lynch’s work validates current research and the resultant therapeutic effectiveness of equine-assisted therapy for treatment of PTSD among veterans, reservists, and active duty military personnel. His life experiences and professional practices, both in and out of the horse arena, make him a valuable member of the Ivery Ranch equine-assisted learning and therapy programs team.