What a great way to spend a great day!  You and your friends can come to the ranch, spend time with our horses, and ride too for your special day.  Spend 45 minutes meeting some of our horses, touring our barns, learning horse anatomy, grooming your horse, and helping to get your horse ready to ride.  Then spend 30-45 minutes riding your own horse and learning the basics of equitation and horsemanship.  Play some games with your friends on horseback and have one of the most memorable birthdays ever!

We have a beautiful park here at the ranch and your family is welcome to utilize the facilities, either before or after your time with the horses, to host a party.  Park benches, tables, a barbecue, and restroom facilities are all available upon request.

Cost: $90 per participant (minimum 2, maximum 12 )
Age: 6 and up (whole families are welcome to join – a mixed age group is fine)
Duration: 1 ½ hours
Dates: Call for availability (Sunday-Friday; limited Saturdays available)

Contact us!