Making strides to help people with special needs strengthen skills needed to enter the workforce.

What is TDP?

The Tailored Day Program (TPD) is a paid working internship made possible through San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) referrals and is designed especially for adults with special needs. TDP aligns with our mission to provide enriching programs that promote integration, inclusion, and interaction between all people.

Benefits of TDP

As a working intern, you will learn the skills and best practices needed to be successful in a mainstream job setting. The working internship is tailored to meet the needs of participants in order to maximize growth, independence, and a positive experience. The work experience gained is intended to prepare participants for employment in settings beyond the Ivey Ranch community.

Transferable (soft) job skills:

  • Strong work ethic
  • Respectful and positive attitude
  • Teamwork, collaboration, and leadership
  • Communication and active listening
  • Prioritization, organization, and accountability
  • Problem solving and interpersonal skills
  • Dependability, adaptability, and flexibility
  • Confidence

Job-related (hard) skills:

  • Barn and grounds maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Equine care & grooming
  • Staff support skills
  • Following instructions
  • Time keeping, attendance & punctuality
  • Basic computer use

Other benefits of working within the Ivey Ranch community:

  • Learn skills to improve everyday life and increase confidence and independence;
  • Experience with education-based recreational activities;
  • Exposure to an inclusive environment and diverse group of learners who have a variety of needs and abilities;
  • Engage in activities that are physically, mentally, and socially stimulating.

The Work You Will Do

Ivey Ranch offers a variety of equine assisted learning and therapy programs in order to meet the complex needs of its diverse community. Interns will feel good about being a part of the meaningful work Ivey Ranch does. As an intern, you will learn skills needed to become an Instructor’s Aide and work alongside equine instructors, volunteers, staff, clients, and horses! You will learn the many aspects of working in an equine community.

Get started in the Tailored Day Program

Ivey Ranch can provide a working internship to those who have contractual services through the San Diego Regional Center.

Submit a Tailored Day Program Participant Application.

Schedule a follow-up interview with Executive Director and tour with TDP Coordinator.

Attend an upcoming orientation for working interns.