Congratulations to our 2021 Volunteer of the Year Rosella Childers

Rosella Childers
Rosella Childers

What makes a Volunteer of the Year?

When you have 850 volunteers that donate over 17,550 hours, what makes a single volunteer jump out to receive this terrific award? We would love to share what makes Rosella stand out:

  • She has volunteered for our organization for over twenty years
  • She was the certificated teacher to help launch our Equine Assisted Learning Program back in 2013
  • She donated two horses to our program and then sponsored them both, ahead of sponsoring her current love – Brighton
  • She volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday with our Grooming Gang
  • She has been a mentor for every Volunteer Orientation for the last 13 years
  • She runs our recycling program and makes regular grocery trips to Costco for the benefit of our daycare and equestrian programs
  • She personally funds 20 lbs. of carrots every week for our horses and makes sure Max is kept in sugar-free treats as well
  • She shows up for every fundraiser and event – usually hoping to be a paying guest, but typically being recruited to help

And if you didn’t know it already – she was the inspiration for the Executive Director’s love of horses – she is her mother!

We will be celebrating Rosella and her fabulous contributions to Ivey Ranch Park on Friday, November 5, from 3-4pm at the Multipurpose Room down at the North Barn. Please plan on joining us for cake, beverages, and a Zoom link to the televised event!