Horse Sponsorship means funding one horse for one year at $2,500 per horse. This amount provides feed, veterinarian care, supplies, and farrier treatment for their hooves.The sponsorship of a horse supports the basic needs of the horse while allowing the lesson income to provide for tack, therapeutic equipment, instructors, and facility maintenance and upgrades.

Budget for One Horse Sponsorship for one year:

  • Hay – $1,200: Bermuda, Alfalfa or Grass Hay – 1 bale a week @ $23/ week.
  • Farrier – $300: Barefoot trim or ½ shoes – $75 every 6 weeks.
  • Feed supplements – $300: Dried sugar beets, hoof supplement, bran, Psyllium, Safe Choice.
  • Veterinarian – $600: 5-way shots, West Nile vaccination, sheath cleaning for geldings, teeth floated/annual dentistry, medication as needed.
  • Supplies – $100: Fly mask, fly spray, halter and lead rope, brushes, hoof pick.

Please contact us to sponsor your horse!

We would like to thank Daniel H. Grove, D.V.M., of West Coast Equine Medicine, Inc., for helping to keep our horses in exceptional health. The happiness and well-being of our horses is an utmost priority and Dr. Grove has been an integral part of our team. For more information on Dr. Grove and his practice please visit West Coast Equine Medicine.